Purcell Dragon Sports Hall of Fame

Dedicated to the athletes and supporting cast of Purcell High School Athletics.


Initiated in 2010, the PHS Athletic Hall of Fame was established to formally perpetuate the memory of those athletes, teams, coaches and supporters who have brought distinction, honor and excellence to athletics at Purcell High School.


The inaugural class was inducted in June 2010. To date there have been 4 classes with a combined total of just under 100 athletes, 10 coaches, 5 teams and a handful of contributors inducted. Purcell's High School's athletic program dates back to the late 1890's.

The HOF Committee


Selection criteria is listed below:

All former Purcell student-athletes, coaches, athletic directors, and administrators and Loyal Supporters are eligible for selection into the “Athletic Hall of Fame.” A candidate will be selected when simple majority of the selection committee members vote for induction.

Eligibility for student-athletes: 

• Superior accomplishments as a student-athlete at Purcell High School. (All-State, All City, etc.,) 

• Graduation from Purcell High School at least ten years prior to their nomination. 

• Continuing excellence at the collegiate, national, amateur, or professional levels is considered. 

• Clear exemplified characteristics of integrity and sportsmanship, as well as citizenship before and after graduation. 

• Academic and post college career accomplishments.

Eligibility for coaches/administrators/community 

• Significant contributions made to the overall athletic program including longevity, overall record, and championships. 

• Significant contributions to the community or professional organizations at the state or national levels that promote the ideals of the student-athlete.

Nomination Form

Selection Committee

Selection process

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Contact purcelldragonhof@gmail.com or admin@purcellsportshof.com to get more information on the project or suggest  nominees.