Selection process

Selections are done once every 3 years in conjunction with the Purcell School Reunion. Nominations will be due by Feb 1 in the year of the school reunion.

The Selection Committee shall meet at a time determined by the Chairman in order to nominate, review, and elect candidates. The quorum for any meeting at which election of candidates shall take place shall be a majority of members. Background information on each nominee should be distributed to Selection Committee prior to the meeting and members should familiarize themselves with the nominees prior to voting. Each Committee Member shall have one vote and all votes shall carry equal weight. In order to gain election, a candidate is required to receive a majority of votes from the committee. Meetings may take place in person or remotely using Zoom, email, text and phone calls.

The outcome of the verbal vote will be shared with the Selection Committee only. If, in the opinion of the Selection Committee (as evidenced by failure to obtain a majority vote) no candidate nominated in a particular year is worthy of election to the Hall, so be it; it is not necessary to induct new members each year. If a nominee fails to be elected, they will remain on the nomination list.