Charles Wantland

Charles Wantland ( 1906 Purcell High School Graduate )

Recognized as one of the greatest athletes in the history of Purcell High School

Letterman on Purcell High School Football and Track Teams ( 1902-1906 )

Named as a Running Back to the PHS 1895-1934 All-Time Football Team by Purcell Alumni

After graduating from Purcell, Charles attended 1 year of high school at Castle Heights, TN ( 1907 )

Member of the University of Oklahoma Football Team ( 1906-1909 )

Member and Letterman on OU Baseball team (1909)

Member of the University of Oklahoma Basketball Team ( 1906-1910 )

Member of the University of Oklahoma Track Team ( 1907-1910 )

Charles returned a punt for a 90 yard touchdown against the University of Texas in 1908 which is still an OU school record for an individual in the OU / UT football series

Graduate University of Oklahoma ( 1910 )

Asssistant Football Coach to Bennie Owen at the University of Oklahoma ( 1911 - 1912 )

Head Football Coach / Head Basketball Coach / Athletic Director at Central Normal College ( UCO ) in Edmond ( 1912 - 1931 )

Wantland Stadium on the University of Central Oklahoma campus is named after Charles in honor of his contributions to the school during its "Golden Era of Football"

Passed Away in 1964