The Kennedy Brothers

The Kennedy Brothers ( Purcell High School Football Team 1914 - 1933 )

Eugene Kennedy ( Purcell High School Graduate 1919 ) Center (1914 - 15 - 16 - 17)

Paul Kennedy ( Purcell High School Graduate 1923 ) Center ( 1920 - 21 - 22)

John Kennedy ( Purcell High School Graduate 1925 ) Center (1923 - 24)

Louis Kennedy ( Purcell High School Graduate 1929 ) Center (1925 - 26 - 27 - 28)

James Kennedy ( Purcell High School Graduate 1934 ) Center (1930 - 31 - 32 - 33)

From The Daily Oklahoman, December 4th, 1933

A Kennedy has Starred on Purcell Team for 17 Years

PURCELL, Dec. 4. (Special.)

The fact that the L. W. Kennedy family has supplied centers for Purcell high-school football for more than half the years the game has been played here, should establish a new record of some sort. For an aggregate of 17 years a Kennedy has been on the local pigskin squad. 

Eugene Kennedy, Hennessey druggist, and eldest of the five brothers, played center and fullback for four years, back in the days of 1914 to 1917, inclusive.

Paul Kennedy, Norman druggist, contributed three years of play as center and end, and would have played the full four but for the fact that there was no team one year immediately following the World war. He played during 1920, 1921, 1922.

John Kennedy, Purcell pharmacist, did his bit toward upholding the family tradition but furnished only two years of the total, 1923 and 1924. He played center. (*** Note: John graduated when he was only 16 years old / His son Eddie also played Center on the 1957 State Champion Colorado Springs Palmer High School Football Team 

Louis Kennedy, student in the Oklahoma university school of medicine, brought the standing back to par when he played center back from 1925 to 1928.

James Kennedy, probably the Omega of the Kennedy centers, is playing his last year for Purcell and finishing up four years as center. (***Note: James was a 1932 Oklahoma High School All-State Tennis player for PHS) / Also named to the All-Century (1900 - 1999) PHS Football Team

Kennedy, senior (L.W.), did not play center on any football team because there were no football teams in his school days but to make up for it, he has not failed to close his drug store for every home game of the Purcell school team for the past 15 years.