HOF Committee

Selection Committee :

The Selection Committee shall be composed of, but not limited to, people from the following list:

The following are eligible to be on the selection committee

The PHS Athletic Director

PHS Building Administrators

Local business owner/community leader Retired or former PHS Administrator Former PHS Varsity Participant

PHS Athletic Booster Club Member

Current PHS athletic coaches

Retired or former PHS athletic coach

Retired or former PHS faculty member

Current PHS faculty member

At least one committee member will be a current employee of Purcell Schools and will serve as chairman of the committee.

All Selection Committee members shall serve for a three year term initially. At any time there shall be no fewer than 5 members and no more than 9 members.

All members may be re-appointed for 3 year terms. No member may remain for longer than 3 consecutive 3 year terms, unless serving in any of the roles as active employee of the Purcell Public Schools. All members of the committee must remain in good standing with the community as determined by the other members of the committee and the school administration. The committee can retain non-voting members as historians or technical support.

Committee members may be re-selected after one term off the committee.

New members will be added by the chairman on volunteer basis. Send email to:


if you are interested in being on the selection committee